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Mashpee Board of Registrars <br /> Minutes of Meeting <br /> June 3, 2014 <br /> Mashpee Town Hall, Town Clerks Office & Conference Room <br /> Present: Chairman James Vaccaro, Deborah Dami, Margaret Bent, Susan Regan, Andrew <br /> Gottlieb, Thomas O'Hara, &Judy Mooney. <br /> Call To Order: <br /> Mr. Vaccaro called the meeting to order at 3:02 PM in the Clerk's Office. <br /> New Business <br /> 1. The procedure was presented to all in attendance. The Police Officer will bring ballots <br /> from safe to conference room. Mr. Vaccarro and Ms. Dami will gather ballots from <br /> locked ballot boxes and give them to the volunteers to be bundled into blocks of 50 <br /> ballots per bundle and then given to each team who shall count and tally each for the <br /> selectmens race. Completed tallies will be brought to the Registrars table in the front of <br /> the room, where Ms, Regan and Ms. Bent will read tallies to Ms. Mooney who will input <br /> the results into the spreadsheet on the laptop. <br /> Teams Glenn Santos &John Dami Bob Mendes &Susan Jacques <br /> Table counting ballots Volunteers Ruth Elias & Ellie Glenor <br /> Wardens Russ Maloney, Sandy Downey, & Frank Aguilar <br /> Mr. Vaccaro announced Recount results at 4:25 PM. The results did not change. Mr. Gottlieb <br /> won by a margin of 6 votes. <br /> Meeting Adiourned <br /> Mr. Vaccaro adjourned the meeting at 4:45 PM <br /> R4reta <br /> ly submitted, <br /> Jey <br /> Sf Elections & Registrars <br />