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Mashpee Board of Registrars <br /> Minutes of Meeting <br /> April 14, 2016 <br /> Town Clerk's Office, Mashpee Town Hall <br /> Present: Chairman Susan Regan, Margaret Bent, Ernest Virgilio, Deborah Dami, Candidates for Election <br /> Maria Turner and Marcia Maclnnis <br /> Call to Order: <br /> Ms. Regan called the meeting to order at 5:16 pm at the Town Clerk's Office. <br /> Minutes; <br /> The minutes of May 16, 2015 were accepted as printed. <br /> New Business <br /> 1. The Board discussed reorganization. Ms. Dami motioned for Ms. Regan to remain as Chairman <br /> which was then seconded by Ms. Bent. A vote was taken with a unanimous vote for Susan Regan <br /> to remain as Chairman. <br /> 2. Ms. Regan selects the next item on the agenda to draw the names for position on the ballot as <br /> follows: <br /> School Committe 1.Joan Tavares-Avant <br /> 2. Don D. Myers <br /> 3. Maria T.Turner <br /> Library Trustee 1. Mary J. LeClair <br /> 2. Marcia E. Maclnnis <br /> Ms. Dami asked for any other business, none presented. <br /> Meeting Adiourned <br /> Mr.Virgilio made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 5:26 pm. The Vote was unanimous. <br /> R spectfully submitted, <br /> _ OUIT. <br /> (3�, <br /> y Mooney <br /> Secretary of Elections& Registrars <br />