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f ' <br /> Mashpee Board of Registrars <br /> Minutes of Meeting <br /> April 15, 2015 <br /> Mashpee Town Hall, Town Clerk's Office <br /> At 4:50 an unknown volatile situation forced everyone out of the building until 5:10 PM. <br /> Present: Susan Regan, Ernest Virgilio, Margaret Bent, Deborah Dami and Judy Mooney <br /> The following attendees were present for the drawing of ballot positions:John Cotton, Michael <br /> Richardson, Matthew Auger, George Schmidt III, Melissa Phillips,Joan Lyons, Theresa Cook, and Mary <br /> Jane Richardson. <br /> Call to Order: <br /> Ms. Dami called the meeting to order at 5:13 PM. <br /> Because Ms. Regan was stuck in traffic, Ms. Dami worked with Ms. Bent and Mr. Virgilio to set the ballot. <br /> The Board waited until Ms. Regan arrived to re-organize and except minutes. <br /> The drawing for the position of names on the ballot went as follows: <br /> Housing Authority 1. Melissa H Phillips <br /> 2. David R. Harsch <br /> Library Trustee 1.Joan F Lyons <br /> 2.Allen R.Waters <br /> Planning Board 1. Dennis H. Balazarini <br /> 2. Mary Elaine Waygan <br /> School Committee 1. Phyllis Ann Sprout <br /> 2. Matthew G. Auger <br /> 3. Geoffrey A. Gorman <br /> 4. George Carl Schmidt III <br /> Selectmen 1.John J. Cotton <br /> 2. Michael R. Richardson <br /> 3.Thomas F. O'Hara <br />