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Cemetery Commission <br /> December 8, 2014 <br /> Members present: Ernest Virgilio, Mike S lrpoli <br /> Others: Geoff Spillane, Moshpee Enterprise.. Catherine Laurent <br /> The meeting was opened at 12:05 ppm. <br /> Approval of Minutes <br /> The minutes from the February 3, 2014 meeting were approved unanimously. <br /> Policy defining" shpee Resident/Property Owner" <br /> The Commission discussed whether former Mashpee residents and/or property owners should <br /> be allowed to purchase a plot at the resident rate. One example is someone moving into an <br /> assisted living facility or nursing horme elsewhere. To adopt a policy, criteria for consideration <br /> would be needed such as how long they lived/owned property in N ash pee, how long they've <br /> lived elsewhere, and similar. The Commission discussed a regulation change versus a policy <br /> versus making a case by case decision. A regulation change would require approval of the <br /> Board of Selectmen. The case by case decision is similar to the variance process for a memorial <br /> stone. Mile made a motion to consider fee exceptions on a case by case basis. The motion was <br /> seconded a hd approved un nimously. <br /> Plantings and Decoration of Plots <br /> Catherine did not mail the letters to plot owners with overgrown bushes/shrubs as discussed at <br /> the last meeting. There are approximately 12 plots affected. Letters will be mailed in the <br /> spring. The Commission discussed whether it was necessary to also send letters about plot <br /> decoration. The limits in the regulations are not strictly enforced,but DPW does remove any <br /> decorations that interfere with maintenance or fall into disrepair. The Commission agreed <br /> strict enforcement was not needed. <br /> FYIS Projects <br /> The new granite posts for the grater spigots have been purchased buat.the faucets themselves <br /> have not. Ernie will forward a recommended style. In the spring, Section "G" will be laid out. <br /> The Commission discussed in the future provid* <br /> ing more plantings in Section `' „ to offer <br /> noise/visual buffer to Great Neck d South. Additional landscaping including a water feature is <br /> still proposed for the "natural' area behind Sections "H" and "T" Cobblestone or other <br /> hardened surface will be provided at the entrance radius. <br /> Plot Sales and Account Balance <br /> Plot sales in F 14 still averaged $30,000, similar to prior years. Sales to date in FY15 have been <br /> slower. Them is approximately $85,000 resealed for future capital expenses. <br />