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5 <br /> Cemetery Commission <br /> May 1 , 2004 <br /> Members present: Ernest Virgilio, Michael Scirpoll, Charles Hinckley <br /> Others: Catherine Laurent, Karen Gula <br /> The Chairman opened the meeting at 3:30 .m.. <br /> The Commission unanninota ly approved the rninUtes from the March 10, 2004 meeting. <br /> The Commission diSCLI sed the infant memorial proposed by Christ the King Parish. Th <br /> .monument and benches are ready to be installed, however, the Parish does not have the <br /> funds at this time to constnict the required cut blue stone walkway. The Commission <br /> of d to prepare the walkway with stone dust so that the .parish can proceed with erecting <br /> the r onurnent with the stipulation that the Parish complete the walkway as soon as the <br /> funding is available_ A letter will be seat to the Parish. <br /> The Commission discussed the decoration of graves. Letters have been sent to plot <br /> owners reminding them of the regulations governing artificial flowers and some flowers <br /> have leen removed. One letter has also been seat about excessive decoration. Several <br /> graves have ceramic sterns and miniature shrubs which are not allowed by the regulations. <br /> The Commission agreed that the regulations must be enforced so that the1 ro lem does <br /> not escalate in the future. Letters will be seat to the plot owners. <br /> Karen Gula was present to request permission to place a 4 -inch high angel on her son's <br /> grave. The angel exceeds the maximum height allowed for a monument on a three-grave <br /> plot. The Commission considered Mrs. Gula's request and voted not to allow the angel's <br /> placement. The Commission found that the angel did not meet the definition in the <br /> regulations of a monument as it was not made of granite, would not have a foundation, <br /> and would net be engraved with the deceased's name. The Commission found that the <br /> angel is a statue and that its size is significantly larger than any item allowed by the <br /> regulations to be placed on a grave. <br /> The meeting adjourned at 4:45 .m.. <br />