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4 <br /> Cemetery Commission <br /> March 10, 2004 <br /> Members present: Ernest Virgilio, Michael Scirp li, Charles Hinckley <br /> Others: Catherine Laurent <br /> The Chairman opened the meeting at 3:3 0 p.m.. <br /> The Commission unanimously approved the minutes from the September 10, 2003 <br /> meeting. <br /> The Commission reviewed the operating budget submitted for FY05. The budget amount <br /> f$33,000 is the same as FY04, however, $8,000 ofthe $33,000 will be transferred from <br /> the monies received from sale of plots. The budget request before Town Meeting is <br /> therefore only $25,000. The Selectmen approved a balanced budget with this funding on <br /> Mlareh hA joint Selectmen and Finance Committee meeting is scheduled for March <br /> 1 '. <br /> The Commission reviewed the work items for the spring. <br /> The doors on the Memorial Shelter will be removed and painted. <br /> The lawn and trees will be fertilized and a weed or pest control applied. <br /> The bluestne walkway Will be extended around the flagpole island to the rear <br /> drive. Drainage may be necessary at the low point. The estimate is for materials <br /> only as the DPW will perform.the work. <br /> The Commission discussed the options for a fence or wall at the entrance and <br /> along the property frontage. The wrought iron fence with stone pillars was <br /> preferred. Catherine will get an estimate for a section. The work may have to be <br /> completed over several years as budgets allow". <br /> Mike questioned the other improvements previously discussed at the entrance. <br /> sidewalk is being designed along the west side of Great Neck Road South from <br /> Donna's Lane to the Children's Museum(to be paid through traffic mitigation <br /> funds for South Cape vige . Catherine suggested that the entrance be widened <br /> and granite curbing installed at that time as part of the project. The�Comfission <br /> could purchase the materials. <br /> The Commission discussed the poor condition of the drives at the Indian <br /> Meetinghouse Cemetery and the repair options. Ernie suggested a stone seal t <br /> avoid removing the existing pavement due to concerns with the possible damage <br /> to the trees and the possible unearthing of remains. A stone seal may also be a <br /> more appropriate surface for the period of the cemetery. <br /> i <br />